Cadillac ATS-V+ Is Not In The Pipeline, Says Cadillac

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The internets lit up this past weekend when reports started to swirl of a more potent Cadillac ATS-V, rumored to feature LS7 power and a seven-speed manual transmission. Formally dubbed the Cadillac ATS-V+, the iPhone-esque sounding name was to signify the answer to many enthusiasts’ question: why no V8?

Countering these rumors is a new report from Motor Authority, who spoke to Cadillac communications manager, David Caldwell.

Caldwell downright shoots down the thought of such a car being in the works, explaining and rationalizing the situation in saying,

The ATS-V we have today is supremely capable—so much so that it’s unlikely to receive a larger, or different engine in the foreseeable future. As for V8 engines. Yes, we have another car coming that will take care of this beautifully, that being the CTS-V.

The obvious question is, ‘why not’ have V8 power in both? The answer is that there’s no need for the two V product lines to be twins. Brothers, yes. Twins, no. This new era of V-Series gives us the chance to dial-in two types of performance character—both track capable, both premium. One is smaller, a little more approachable (relatively speaking) with the most powerful V6, the Cadillac Twin Turbo. And its big brother coming later this summer with a supercharged V8 with authoritative power.

And we totally get that explanation coming from Caldwell. The only thing that doesn’t lineup with what Caldwell has to say is it absolutely rings opposite of what Cadillac chief engineer, David Leone, had to say in regards to an ATS-V+.

“We might have something down the road that is a little bit more aggressive,” said Leone when speaking to Car and Driver on the idea of a Cadillac ATS-V branded Black Series rival. Cadillac has also gone on the record stating the V-series portfolio will grow over time.

Is this idea dead-on-arrival, or Cadillac’s worst kept secret? Only time will tell.

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